The trackpack system can be coupled to any of the machine work heads displayed on this page. Changing from one work head to another requires only uncoupling the two hydraulic snap connectors, sliding the quick change boom end from the trackpack and adjusting the boom pivot point. Within minutes your machine is transformed from a spike puller to a fast clipper or which ever machine head you need.

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108-EN Features- 143-BZ Features 163-1 Features

Fast cycle time 80kN pulling force Lock and dog spikes.

Anti-vibration handles Extended foot On/off valve for increased.

Fully adjustable torque Rotation speed up to 120rpm Ajax / coach screw and other

164-GB Features-155-AO Features-156-ED Features

Clips and un-clips

Spring return handle

Single trigger operation

Fast clips and steel

High speed spindle 1200rpm

Hardened chrome guide rods sleeper clips

Easy change guides and bits

Clips and un-clips

3 second cycle time

Adjustable drill depth stop

E, PR and vandal proof clips

Replaceable wear pads

Wood and concrete sleepers