Light Drilling Rig

Light Drilling Rig MR160 – Australian Made

In response to our customers request for a lighter more powerful portable drilling rig, we have developed the mini rig series with this very light mast.The photo shows, the rig powered by a diesel power pack 15 kw (20hp), drill head shown up to 1200rpm about 50Nm torque. Other heads available such as the 600rpm 100Nm torque. Inbuilt water swivel . Feed to 800kg by chain wrapped over the drive sproket for positive drive (cannot jump the teeth no matter how high the feed pressure is. Our power pack has carry points and 2 x 250mm pneumatic tyres for wheeling to site.The rig is made to be dismantled into man portable components along inaccessible jungle trails, mountainous and difficult access sites. There are a number of carry handles for men transporting the rig. Even the rig base can be used as an equipment carrying tray and the mast fitted with a carry handle at one end if required.When using this drill with the 100Nm 600rpm head, to drill a pattern of holes with a poly-crystalline diamond bit (dia 65mm or 2.5″) in Sydney sandstones, our client was so impressed that he claims that he was achieving a penetration rtae in the order of 3 metres per minute.Two water pumps are shown, lower left is Honda powered. Lower right is Hydraulic powered. Water pumps shown may be petrol or diesel or hydraulic drive. Flow to 55L/Min pressure up to 700psi. Hydraulic pump 33kg 920 x 560 x 330mm; Petrol 5.5hp 54kg 755 x 400 x 380mm high; plus hoses in each case.Drill rod clamp can be added if required and is a simple screw and clamp type, making it easy to hold the drill rods during recovery. Drill guides and clamp jaws can be supplied for a number of drill rod sizes.

We have a variety of power packs and alternative drill heads which will vary the final output to suit a customer’s particular needs. We are not drillers but are manufacturers, building machines to customers specifications, so we do not make any claims in regards to the actual peformance of the rig, except to report our client’s enthusiasm.

(Please note if higher torques are required, the mast structure will increase in weight due to changes in sections to accommodate the increased torques. Physical dimensions do not include hose runing between console, power pack and water pump.) A skid mounting incorporating the power pack is also available.


Specifications:- Mast 2.2 M travel, overall length 2755 mm (or 2930 mm with handle), weight 66 kg. Base 1245 x 360 x 330mm, 33kg. Console 370 x 270 x 375mm high, 26 kg. Mast stays 2 = 1215mm collapsed, 40 square. Power pack 17hp diesel with pneumatic tyres. 920 x 570 x 760mm. Height 146kg.