Mini Auger

Mini Auger – Model 130

Acknowledged as the industrial version where power, lightness and cool operations are the name.

The light, very portable, post hole and tree planting auger drill that saves the operator from auger turning forces typically experienced when using hand held, two stroke engines and hand held hydraulic drills.This machine utilises our many years of experience to bring you the most reliable and highest torque drill. The aluminium oil reservoir holds 8 litres of oil and the fins on the side of the reservoir keep the oil cool. The oil is filtered with a replaceable cartridge type filter element. Operation of the drill head is simply squeeze the RH trigger for clockwise rotation to 70 rpm or LH trigger for the opposite rotation. We can fit optional floatation type wide tyres and a simple hand operated brake to ensure that the drill can be used on hills and wheeled over soft sand or ground. The chuck is a simple tang drive with a locking collar so that augers can be quickly changed.The top photo shows the a 350 mm auger, drilling into weathered sandstone and the next photo shows the power pack driving a hydraulic rock breaker. The little hand drill at the bottom of the page is capable of drilling up to 50 mm dia holes in Australian hardwoods at around 25 mm per second and is powered by the mini auger hydraulics. ” The mini auger is great but it is the little drill which is exceptional”-a local Government supervisors comment.Other tools are also available for different applications.Two models are (dimensions and weights are a guide only):-* Mini Auger 5:- 5 hp engine, speed at 60 rpm, torque at 430 Nm, weight, 142 kg, dimensions 1500 mm long x 710 mm wide x 820 mm high.* Mini Auger 9:- 9 hp engine, speed at 70 rpm, torque at 820 Nm, weight, 144 kg, dimensions 2460 mm long x 710 mm wide x 820 mm high.Why not give yourself a “surprise” and make your life easier with our mini-Auger. Other’s have not believed the power. Some testamonials are:- “people are amazed at the power’ and, “you know, that machine has saved us hours of work over the hired machines but that is not the machine that really surprises us, it is the little drill, its fabulous!”

Melvelle has been designing and building all these machines for over 25 years. Why not join our list of satisfied and enthusiastic customers now. An buy quality from an Australian built and Australian owned company.