Mini Rig

Mini Rig MR131- Winch Feed

A Light very portable diamond drilling Rig for installing electrical earthing stakes & other light diamond drilling investigations requiring low cost & high portability. Drill heads used are the RD121E (1500rpm), RD193E (900rpm) & RD244E (600rpm). The last two drill heads are capable of drilling NMLC holes to 20 & 30 Metres.The mast, hand feed aids in lifting the drill rods and provides a controlled feed with a double acting pawl to hold a load or thrust up to 300 kg (limited by machine weight) on the diamond drill bit.The mast is easily broken down to a base, mast, hand held capable drill head 13 hp Honda power pack (power packs available 11 to 20 hp), 2 adjustable stays ,and 55 l/min triplex water pump (to 400 psi) optionally mounted on 2 or 3 stainless steel water recycling tanks.The water recovery is made by feeding the water from the drill hole into a stand pipe and discharged into the under/over baffled tanks. The stand pipe is drilled a short way into the ground to provide a joint to re-cycle the water. The water pump is capable of pumping non lumpy Gypsum/Bentonite/Calcium mix into the hole for final bonding.

In sandy conditions the water pump can be used with jetting clamps which can be clamped onto 9/16″ or 5/8″ copper pipe and with an “Earthron” slurry, the copper pipe can be pushed straight into the sand, while ever the returning slurry along side the pipe keeps a fluid boundary between the pipe and the sand. A length of copper pipe can be jetted in down in about 5 minutes if all goes well.

SPECIFICATIONS:- Total weight of Drill 150 Kg, Base Dimensions 1500 x 1200 x 105 mm 29 Kg.

Mast 2300 x 330 x 350 (with drill head fitted), hand feed to 300 Kg. Hand feed ratchet hold up or down. Weight without Drill head 36 Kg. Drill head 9.5 Kg RD193E Max speed 1200 rpm. Max Torque 65 Nm. Weight water Pump 53 Kg Honda 5.5 HP.

Power Pack :- 13 HP Honda 722 x 600 x 550 mm x 78 Kg, Electric Start Hydraulic Water Pump driven by rig power pack 750 x 400 x 380 mm 34 kg. (Use 17-18 Hp Min power pack).