Rail Grinder




The Melvelle Equipment Grinder Diesel engine is modified in-house to operate at high tilt angles and give much greater torque under load than similar sized engines. Prior to despatch Rail Profile Grinders are supplied with a proven fast cut grinding wheel for maximum bite into the rail and a high cutting rate and fully tested. The grinder has wide set rail rollers to achieve the smoothest finish possible. Flange rollers assist in supporting the weight of the grinder when grinding the rail face.

Rail Grinder FP157Rail Grinder in use

Conversion Kit


Rail Grinder conversion kits are available to mount to numerous other brand grinder frames. The kit includes a converted Diesel engine, engine mount adaptor plate, adaptor shaft, pulley wheel and belt. The kit is supplied assembled and tested, ready for installation straight onto the existing frame.


Conversion Kits

Download the Rail Grinder Operations Manuel here.

Download the Rail Grinder Operations Manuel here.